These links provide additional information relating to anarchism, archaeology, and intersections between the two.

Archaeology & Anarchism – links to various people who continue to explore these intersections.

Foundations of an Anarchist Archaeology – a community manifesto authored by participants of the Wenner-Gren funding conference which produced this website. The manifesto explores how an anarchist archaeology embraces considerations of social inequity as a critique of authoritarian forms of power and as a rubric for enabling egalitarian and equitable relationships.

Anarchaeologist Podcast – a podcast dedicated to exploring a range of issues, including but not limited to anarchism and archaeology. Episode 5 featured Dr. Ed Gonzalez-Tennant, a participant at the 2016 Amerind workshop.

Palimpsestos – An independently published magazine on the intersections between anarchism and archaeology. In Spanish.

The Archaeological Anarchist – a blog by the enigmatic “archaeological anarchist,” a self-confessed Archaeologist, Blues-Rocker, Reformed Gamer Geek & Sci-fi/Fantasy nut. Sounds good to us!

Anarchism – central websites for learning about anarchism in all its manifestations.

The Anarchist Library – a clearinghouse of anarchist texts available online.

CrimeThinc Ex-Workers’ Collective – “a decentralized anarchist collective composed of many cells which act independently in pursuit of a freer and more joyous world.”

InfoShop – “an online resource of news, opinion and information on anarchism and many other topics.”

Institute for Anarchist Studies – “established in 1996 to support the development of anarchism, is a grant-giving organization for radical writers and translators worldwide.” They publish the journal Perspectives on Anarchist Theory. James Birmingham, a participant at the 2016 Amerind workshop, sits on the institute’s Board of Directors.

Blueshifted – A website dedicated to exploring the intersection between anarchism and transhumanism. This may be of interest to archaeologists and material cultural studies folks because of its focus on the ways people interact with technology in the present.

Anarchist Presses – places to purchase new and classic works in anarchism.

AK Press – one of the largest anarchist publishers, a worker-run, collectively-managed company publishing since 1990.

PM Press – “an independent publisher that specializes in radical, Marxist and anarchist literature, as well as crime fiction, graphic novels, music CDs, and political documentaries.”

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