Welcome to (A)narchaeology, a website born of the Wenner-Gren workshop (April 21-23, 2016) exploring the intersections between archaeology and anarchist thought. This workshop was hosted by the friendly folks at the Amerind Museum outside of Tucson, Arizona. It brought together activists, researchers, and scholars who sought to understand “how anarchist theory, a growing field of inquiry with deep historical roots, can be beneficially applied to both the interpretation of past cultures and how archaeologists conduct themselves and structure their research within a wider political world.”

This website exists to continue the conversation(s) at the Amerind and to act as a clearinghouse for our collective and individual endeavors in this regard. You can use the links at the top of each page to learnĀ  more about the workshop participants, follow links to like-minded folks who were unable to attend, get an idea of future events, and follow the conversation. The site is currently under construction. Please feel free to check back soon!

Thank you,
(A)narchaeology Collective